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i want to do hw and smoke weed and drink beer and sleep and watch anime at the same time.



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This shit is so simple but I would totes mcgotes buy one

so i have this rule that if you dont wanna know me irl you cant know me on the internet. if you cant acknowledge me as a human in your presence then i wont acknowledge you on social media. 

like how does it even make sense to like posts on ig, send snapchats, favorite things on twitter, but not wanna hangout or something when you can?

yeah, that shit doesnt fly with me. youre cute without the e, fucker.

EDIT. wait i know what it means, it means youre fucking nosy!

Title: On the Brightside, She Could Choke Artist: Fear Before the March of Flames 523 plays


Fear Before The March of Flames - On The Brightside, She Could Choke

I love fbtmof so much.

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Man, the thirst is so fucking real.

I wish I could just be a girl so I could make some sad attractive nerd happy. (There are literally so many of them…) Bitches be forever sleepin’ on some great guys.

Even the nerds are shit heads.

ive talked to some douche face nerds before so.



Every time I thought today sucked, it sucked more. Wah fuckin wah hangout with me tomorrow.


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Civil Rights Movement vs Ferguson Protests

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I worked outside lands and it was pretty crazy. my whole body hurts (still) and I got sick. ha